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Our principal, Alyson Ashe, Solicitor

Since 1989, Alyson has specialised in the area of legal costs and commenced the business of Alyson Ashe & Associates, Legal Cost Consultants in 1995.

Her extensive experience extends to all aspects of the NSW Costs Assessment Scheme on party party and solicitor client assessments representing both applicants and respondents and including multi-million dollar costs claims. Likewise in the Federal Court of Australia and in the High Court. She is a senior practitioner and has personally been involved in the resolution of costs disputes in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, the ACT (and Norfolk Island) and in Western Australia.

The strong technical skills and prior experience Alyson brings to our costs consulting business include work in several law firms prior to her appointment as a registrar and taxing officer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales. In particular her role Registrar in Equity, Registrar of the Court of Appeal and as Senior Taxing Officer combined quasi-judicial work with court administration and significant experience in all aspects of litigation.

Expert Work

Alyson is an independent expert in costs and has appeared or provided evidence in gross sum applications and security for costs applications in important large litigation variously in the Supreme Courts of NSW, Victoria and Western Australia and in the Federal Court of Australia.

Alyson has been appointed as a Court Expert, a Court Referee and various appointments to adjudicate under, for example, a Deed.

Alyson is currently appointed as a Taxing Officer for AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority formerly the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia).

Our clients include various government departments both State and Federal.


Alyson’s extensive knowledge of practice and procedure in litigation, particularly in the equitable and commercial jurisdictions is manifested in the co-authorship of Nevill and Ashe: Equity Proceedings with Precedents – 1981.

Alyson has continued authorship including Editor: Lexis Nexis Butterworths Looseleaf Costs Service “Legal Costs NSW”. She has also been Editor: Costs Column of Lexis Nexis Civil Newsletter and the Lexis Nexis NSW Court Forms Service.


Alyson is proactive in law reform and is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales Costs Committee 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 and the Costs Users Group convened by the Supreme Court of NSW.

Alyson's Team

Alyson is supported by a select team of specialist costs solicitors and costs consultants who work collaboratively alongside our IT specialist to provide a timely and professional service.