Alyson’s ‘high end’ Work
Gross sum cases

Alyson Ashe is an independent expert in costs and has appeared or provided evidence in gross sum applications in important large litigation in the Supreme Court of NSW and the Federal Court notably:

  • Seven Network News Limited v News Limited [2007] FCA 2059,
  • Ingot Capital Investments and Ors v Macquarie Equity Capital Markets and Ors [No 6] [2007] NSWSC 124;
  • University of  Western Australia v Gray  & Ors  (No 20) [2008] FCA 498;
  • in the Supreme Court of Western Australia: The Bell Group Limited (In Liquidation) & Ors  v Westpac Banking Corporation & Ors [No 10] [2009] WASC 107,
  • in the Supreme Court of Victoria Sunland Waterfront(BVl) Ltd & Anor v Prudentia Investments Pty Ltd & 0rs(No 4) [2013] VSC 669 and currently Hopkins & Anor v AECOM Australia Pty Limited & Ors (the Class Action) NSD 757/2012.

Security for costs cases

Alyson has also provided expert opinion in numerous security for costs applications and provided assistance in many other large litigation including:

  • Shepherds Producers Co-Operative Ltd (In Liquidation) v Lamont [2009] NSWSC 798
  • Baygol Pty Ltd v Huntsman Chemical Co Australia Pty Ltd t/a RMAX [2004] FCA 1248)
  • Rembrandt Notes case (claims by various Councils against Local Government Financial Services & Ors Federal Court NSD 936 and 1073 of 2009 and NSD 1268 of 2010.
  • Hopkins and another as trustees of the Hopkins Superannuation Fund (Applicants) against AECOM Australia Pty Ltd (AECOM) and ors (representative proceedings in the Federal Court commencing 2012 – the CLEM 7 tunnel case)


Work as Court Referee

Alyson’s work as a Court Referee includes an important consideration of the effect of advocates immunity on costs recovery: see adoption of her Report to the Court in Attard v James Legal Pty Ltd  [2013] NSWSC 1767

Work as an Appointed Expert

Alyson was appointed as a Court Expert in relation to various significant costs claim including:

  • By the Supreme Court in Agusta Pty Limited v Perpetual Trustee Company Limited
  • By the District Court in Russo v Rayhill: District Court Proceedings 157824/2010
  • By the President of the Law Society of NSW as Agreed Costs Assessor pursuant to the Deed of Settlement and Release:  Roy Kimpton v  Slater & Gordon  (NSW) Pty Ltd formerly known as Keddies Insurance Law Specialist Pty Ltd

Other Work

Advice on costs in high profile cases including:

  • Office of the Legal Services Commissioner v Keddies
  • EMI Songs Australia Pty Limited v Larrikin Music Publishing Pty Limited [2011] FCAFC 47 and at 92 and associated proceedings  (the Kookaburra case)
  • CashConverters Class Action
  • Murdoch Books v Bill Granger

Costs Consulting Work on Assessments in:

  • Joseph Roe v Kimberley Land Council Aboriginal Corporation – WAD 74 of 2010 (Price Point Gas) and Native Title proceedings
  • Multi-million $ Costs assessments where a bill of costs was required  eg; Federal Court proceedings brought by Metso Minerals (Australia) Ltd and Ors v Citic HIC Australia Pty Ltd and Ors
  • Matters involving Dr William McBride,  the Rinehart Family; Marcus Einfeld; and One-Tel  and the Kerr Family
  • Various cases through to the High Court including those involving the Australian Taxation Office and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
  • Complex personal injury matters and building disputes
  • Cases involving intellectual property and generally re injunctive relief

Long-running cases NSW Equity Division commercial cases  eg the Lahoud family and the Cassegrain family

BUT NO MATTER IS TOO SMALL to engage our attention. We welcome enquiries relating to all jurisdictions and in particular from lawyers in regional New South Wales.


Curriculum Vitae for Alyson Ashe

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